SEE nato academy

May 11, 2014

May 15, 2014

10:00 To 03:52

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Event Description

  • The South-Eastern European  NATO  Academy (SEE NATO)  is an international educational opportunity for university students from members or partners countries, designed to promote the importance of transatlantic values in our societies, while educating them about the modern day threats to global security that NATO HQ and its members face in our century, and about the abilities to respond.
  • This event will host a five day international workshop and a simulation of an emergency situation, more specifically, participants will have the opportunity to gain a fruitful understanding of what policy options are available in a time of crisis and which are exactly the capabilities to respond. Leading in a new security climate, when the Alliance has taken on new roles, not only in fighting terrorism or in proving a safe world order, but also on conducting peacekeeping and humanitarian support, a clear understanding of the purpose and relevance of NATO amongst the youth is necessary for the future of national and global security. Furthermore, the simulation will focus on the importance of NATO’s close relations with its Member States and the necessity of Allies joining their efforts in achieving NATO’s primary transatlantic objectives.
  • The general aims are (1) to strongly engage the understanding of NATO issues amongst university students in a discussion about some of the key topics of the Alliance; (2) to arrange thematic workshops between experts in security and defense and students from around the region; (3) to provide an opportunity for open debate on NATO-related issues in a simulation setting; and (4) to strengthen the NATO’s footprint and understanding amongst the next generation of leaders.
  • By providing a series of workshops, lectures and an active simulation, we will create an educational environment where students can get a clear understanding of how an international crisis is managed in today’s world. By simulating what NATO’s response mechanisms are, what capabilities and options it has available to it and how decision making processes within the North Atlantic Council works, students will gain invaluable insight into NATO’s role the 21th century, its importance to national security and the role plays in international relations.
  • This project will provide outreach to a young community of international students aiming to go into a political career following their studies. This project will harness the range of linguistic, cultural, political and geographical assets of the student community to disseminate a wealth of knowledge on NATO and national security issues that will increase transatlantic awareness and support NATO’s goals in the future. 


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