Rise of the Communities | Workshop for Community Managers

November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015

18:15 To 21:10

Cluj Hub, Str. Pitesti 19, Cluj-Napoca

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Event Description

Ben van ‘t Ende is attending the TYPO3 East Europe Conference and he will deliver the workshop for community managers at ClujHUB.

Ben is involved in many community organisation endeavours from organising the Community Leadership Summit Europe to participating as a member of the board of the Dutch community manager trade association. Working in Age of Peers as community strategist he is in contact with a great many projects that are mainly cutting edge technical cloud, API and IoT related. All pretty exciting and he is signalysing that the significance of communities is increasing.

In the end, it all comes down to human interaction on which communities are based. The focus of the community should often be less important than any social interactions. Without a lively and maintained community there is no resilient basis.

These communty-related matters mentioned above will be part of a workshop I will be holding next week (Thursday, October 12th) at the TYPO3 East Europe Conference http://www.t3ee.org/. The workshop title is: Collaborator: Rise of the Communities.

Ben is passionate about the topic and can easily talk for hours about it. But, I want to hold more of an interactive session on the topics of:


Leadership is a valuable topic where it concerns communities. There has been a leadership paradigm shift. Organizations have transcended the old style management paradigm into a style that communities have adopted in an early stage. Today’s leaders are constantly receiving input and feedback from their employees, as to better understand the problems and issues one might be challenged in order to be more productive and engaging. Last century qualities like Competition, Ruthlessness and Selfishness have been replaced by Empathy, Humility and Integrity.

Burn out

One of the most prominent open source community managers, Jono Bacon (author of The Art of Community) often speaks on the burn out cycle that indicates how one can unknowingly drift into a burn out. In the workshop I will address the burn out cycle, time management in general and give some tips for stress reduction I learned from my own yoga practices where especially breathing is an essential part.



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