July 3, 2015

July 3, 2015

10:00 To 22:03

TechHub Bucharest District 2, 39-41 Nicolae Filipescu Bucharest Romania

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Event Description

Hello startups & entrepreneurs,

This one is for those of you who are building community products! Join us on Friday, July 3rd, for an Open Hours session with George Lemnaru, Founder of Green Horse Games, to get his feedback and find out how can you build an engaged community around your product. We’ve only got 5 slots available, so hurry up and book yours here

About our guest

George Lemnaru is a serial entrepreneur that has built 2 VC-backed companies. Erepublik, his first company, was a geopolitical simulator that gathered 4+ million users worldwide. In early 2012, George challenged himself with a new venture: Green Horse Games, the social gaming company behind Liga Ultras, game that brings football supporters together and allows them to cooperate and support the same clubs. The game now has more than 100k active players and an average MoM growth rate above 20%. George’s experience ranges from gamification, community building and freemium monetization to developing your team and raising money. His previous success with eRepublik defined the early stages of tech startups in Romania and marked a leap forward for the entire region.

The Open Hours Concept

The learning experience you get by talking with experienced mentors is instrumental to help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing right now when building your product. That’s why we’ve put together the Open Hours concept, where we connect you with tech professionals and specialists willing to offer feedback and share their best practices. You’ll have a 1 on 1 meeting (20 to 30 minutes) to explore our guests’ vision and perspective, get their feedback and extract the best insights that you can apply in your business.

The schedule

Our mentor will be around on Friday, July 3, from 10:00 to 12:30. This means there are 5 slots available (30 minutes each) that you can book online here.

To make sure you get the most out of this meeting, we recommend you to:

  • Write down a list of questions you’d like to get answered
  • Read a little about our guest and find out which aspects of his expertise are valuable to you and can help you further develop / overcome the barriers you’re facing
  • Have your elevator pitch ready so you can tell your story in the shortest possible timeframe

Sign up now by completing the form available here to book your meeting with George Lemnaru!

See you on Friday!


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