Let’s talk IoT, firstly!

March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015

19:00 To 13:32

Timisoara Startup Hub

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Event Description

This event co-organized with RONUA Timisoara will include 

A talk delivered by Catalin Gheorghiu approaching:

* Galileo, Windows & IoT.

* Programming Windows small IoT devices ( ARM and x86 , diverse hardware)

* Windows Developer Program for IoT 

Internet of Things is generally all around us , but how Azure Cloud can help you connect , collect and process vast amounts of data that go with the idea of ​​IoT?

Now with Galileo and Windows Developer Program, IoT things change, and the lecture aims to show how to get started programming devices that can make life easier for anyone in the future.

You will see some hands-on code development- from the Hello World application type (a flashing  LED) to “real world” examples .

The second talk will unveil an outstanding and rapidly growing, globally distributed network of radiation monitoring devices, conceived, designed, manufactured, interconnected and promoted by the tech-wizard Radu Motisan.

uRADMonitor comprises now 200+ units shipped and functioning in virtually the whole world, including US, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, etc, an active global user community, great documentation and specialized bloggers’ attention. 

Additionally, Radu will present Hackaday Prize 2015an appealing international makers’ competition. Last year, Radu advanced with the uRADMonitor in the semifinals of the competition, and this fact generated a significant boost to his project.



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