Inside stories

June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014

19:00 To 05:49

Impact Hub Bucharest

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Event Description

What do Romanians think about entrepreneurship?

When you think about being entrepreneur in Romania you can’t miss the thought that it’s not going to be easy at all. Though, in a recent study made by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the European Commission, Romania is the first country in UE in terms of entrepreneurial intentions, 27% of Romanians saying they want to get going on their own. Also, 52% of entrepreneurs consider that sharing success stories of entrepreneurs would have a big impact on the business culture, according to Romanian Entrepreneurship Barometer 2013. Explaining the benefits of entrepreneurship to society, promoting success stories, including the innovation that they generate and the number of jobs created, were also mentioned in the same study.

What is this event about?

Inside Stories is the first event in a series where successful entrepreneurs come and share their advice for fellow young business people who are thinking about, or are working on growing their business. You will learn from their mistakes, listen great stories behind their business and also have the opportunity to interact directly with the speakers through the Q&A session.

Our guests

For this edition we have invited Marius Tudosiei from Bacania Veche and Andrei Botescu from Pegas at a discussion moderated by Oana Păun, Co-Founder at Impact Hub Bucharest.

Marius Tudosiei, Bacania Veche

I created Bacania Veche with the certainty that I can change the world with a project like this. Ok, maybe not in a day, or a year, maybe I don’t have to change the entire world but I am convinced that I made some improvements in essential points. I drew a business model that doesn’t have the business in the first place, but the relations with people, trust, interaction and food. The money comes after. I developed the project because I love it like I love my own babies and because I still believe that we can change the world completely. Starting with a lunch, then with an entire fridge, then with a habit and after with a child who eats healthy food. And like this, everything modifies around us.

Money? It matters what I obtain with them. I obtain the serenity that I am doing the right thing and I fulfil my mission.

Andrei Botescu, Pegas

The story starts with two expensive bikes, American brand, bought for me and my girlfriend, which unfortunately we didn’t use too much because they were stolen. We didn’t want to buy again some expensive bikes, so we remember about Pegas, cheap, cool products that thieves don’t appreciate.

I made some research to find from where I can purchase this type of bikes and I found out that the company is closed and the brand expired. Then I remember from the course that I made in Sweden about “Postmodern theory of culture”, the power of symbols, brand identity and it clicked.

After securing the necessary period by recording brand position, time has come to produce the bikes and build a team. Alexandru Manda, extraordinary marketing specialist, Ciprian Frunzeanu, a very talented product designer, Adrian Teasa, master of bikes and engineering techniques and Anamaria Georgescu a skillful project manager. We made the first prototype, we looked for a place that matches with the brand image, Ciclop building, an historic monument from 1923 and then we start selling with the help of Adi Olar, Stefan Trifan and Tudor Boldescu, true brand evangelists. We have a shop and a retail store, that allows us to organize cultural events, like “Work in Progress”, where 40 artists painted for 3 weeks the whole building.

After 2 years since we are on the market, reaching the fourth generation of bikes, we finally feel secure and ready to show the world who we are!



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