Games Workshop: The unpredictable funs of quick prototyping

September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

15:00 To 00:21

Cluj Napoca

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”Popsicle Pies And Ice Cream Ties – A wild ride through the unpredictable funs of quick prototyping”

An experimental workshop on how to make quick ideas come to life the fastest way possible, bounce from idea to idea and let yourself be surprised by the outcome of having created multiple transformations and evolutions of what used to be one simple thought.
Strap your seatbelts and join us on a quick ride through a set of simple game creation tools to perhaps find out, why Flash might not be dying as fast as people think. At least not in our hearts.

Coordinator: Benedikt Hummel (Game designer, developer, illustrator,, Germany)

The workshop is in English.
Limited number of participants.

Free participation!


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