GameDevs Bootcamp

April 18, 2015

June 6, 2015

10:00 To 18:00


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Event Description

You know what would be cooler than playing a game? Developing one! “But I don’t know how to do that”, you might say. Fear not, the 6 sessions workshop GameDev Bootcamp is here to show you how!

In 6 weekends, you along with a team of other game dev enthusiasts will go through all the phases of designing a game, from the initial concept to prototyping, implementation and final polish. And rest assured, we have set you up for success by choosing 3 experienced trainers to guide you throughout the entire process. Razvan Calin (game designer), Radu Cristea (programmer) and Cloud Quinot (concept artist) have a cumulated experience of more than 16 years on various aspects of game development. Come live this great experience and get to build your own game! Book your place today, limited places available!

What is Game Devs Bootcamp?

A 6 week course aimed towards but not limited to the completely uninitiated and industry newcomers. Spreading across multiple weeks, the course will cover the entire game development process, from conceptualising to release. All major topics will be discussed included but not limited to Code, Design and Artistic aspects.

Attendees will immerse themselves in the process of refining a specific game design and, in the process, discover new design concepts and/or principles that will allow them to take a more holistic approach in future projects, enabling them to create better games.

The Course will encourage group discussions, analysis and constructive critique from both peers and mentors and all teams will be guided in order to make sure what they are doing is fun, feasible and rewarding.


Anyone can participate, regardless of level of experience or knowledge but the course is aimed towards individuals who have yet to enter the game development industry and those who tested the waters of it but want to further their knowledge and maybe make a career out of it in the future.


The Workshops will be distanced 1 week apart from each other, so we assure attendees don’t diverge too much from the correct path, for a grand total of 6 weeks.

See the full agenda here.



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