Game Lab Cluj #2 – Developing Freemium or Premium Games

September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014

18:30 To 20:30

ClujHUB, strada Pitesti, nr. 19, CLuj-Napoca

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Game studios and game developers often ask themselves whether to go for a freemium model or a premium model. Debates often arise when discussing about advantages and disadvantages. While thinking of a business model, you still have to consider gamer satisfaction, learning, immersion, motivation, socialization and so on and so forth, such that they don’t quit the game and will still consider you a top game developer.

Freemium model based games are challenged to finding the so-called sweet spot of the gamer’s both intelligence and tolerance. That point in the evolution of the gameplay, where the user is asked to whether wait or pay to further advance in the action. Now this is a very delicate choice, that needs to be kept in balance at all times, in order for the business to keep going.

On the other hand, there’s the premium model, where the user is asked to pay upfront for the game he is going to play. No other charges will be aked of him and he will be able to continue the game, till the very end, only skills getting in they way to the finish line.

In the end, this is a discussion that not only applies to the game itself, but it involves the business model that lays behind the developer. Game studios, whether indie or established, run, as any other business, on a business model. Business model, which in turn, means that pattern and those rules which you decide to abide by, have agreed to abide by, and believe that will bring your the clients within the niche that you have targeted.

In our journey for the discovery of this particular truth, two gurus will guide us:

– Bogdan Iliesiu – CEO @ Angry Mob Games and 

– Catalin Zima – Lead Game Designer @ Evozone

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strada Pitesti, nr. 19, Cluj-Napoca

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