Front Web Cluj #1: Going open-source with Magento and AngularJS

August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014

18:30 To 20:30

ClujHUB, strada Pitesti, nr. 19, CLuj-Napoca

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Event Description

Hello and welcome to the launch of Front Web Cluj!
We’re starting off with some interesting insights into two open-source technologies: Magento and AngularJS.

Sergiu Mocian from MindMagnet will take us to the depths of Magento and it’s capabilities. He has 5 years experience as a front-end developer and 2 years experience with Magento. He is part of the team that launched the new responsive Magento theme Madison Island for the CE 1.9 version, respectively EE 1.14.

The discussion here will be lead on what it means to get started as a frontend developer on Magento. Sergiu will also fill in the blanks on what it takes to build and implement the design for a responsive theme, such as the one on Madison Island.

Radu Stanciu from Kangu will talk about AngularJS. He’s been working as a software developer for 15 years, having 1 year experience on AngularJS. Fond of desktop development (using Delphi  mostly), he has a vast experience on web development as well, currently working with the Nginx+CouchDB+AngularJS stack.

Summary of his presentation:

– Introduction

– Why Angular? (it enhances HTML with custom tags and attributes; good code reuse; encourages test-driven development; easy data binding; Google backing and growing; open source community)

– Data Binding: Connecting your views with data. How scopes work.

– Directives: Reusable components, declarative approach for UI. Everything in the DOM can be a directive! Attach custom behaviour to elements or transform them.

– Modules, Controllers, Services, Filters: Access your data everywhere with dependency injection.

– Ionic framework: Deploy Angular apps to mobile.

You can register here:

The event will take place at ClujHUB and your contribution is of 25 lei, representing the entrance fee, the coffee breaks and snacks.

See you next week!



strada Pitesti, nr. 19, Cluj-Napoca

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