Cluj Startups Community Meetup

February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014

06:45 To 04:42

Casino Parcul Central Cluj

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Event Description

It’s time for a new startups community meetup in Cluj!

For this one, Startup Pirates Cluj-Napoca together with OpenCoffee Club Cluj andStartup Weekend Cluj are inviting you to a special evening where you can meet the mentors of the Startup Pirates event (taking place in Cluj, during that week) and other well known mentors in the local community.

You will get to know the participants in the event and their startups.

Our special guests at this meetup will be:

David Trayford – coach at Singularity University in Mountain View, California; Speech coach for several TED/TEDx speakers; Mentor for Seedcamp, Start-up Live and Pioneers’ Festival. 

@Daniel Bartel – part of Alexander Osterwalders’ Strategyzer-Team, Organizer of Business Innovation Hackathon, UX-Pizza & Leancamp. Working with Startup Weekend worldwide & StartupDigest.

Philipp Kandal – Startup Pirates Cluj-Napoca’s mentor, judge, speaker and sponsorl, who has just sold Skobbler, an open street map application startup he co-founded in Berlin and Cluj-Napoca for an equivalent of $24 million! Can you believe that?!?
Phillip will be sharing the behind-the-scenes story of this successful exit, and let the participants of Startup Pirates Cluj benefit from his rich experience and learn how to build their own ideas into a multi-million-dollar startups! 

Oana Calugar – worked in the IT industry for the last 4 years, from marketing, customer care to operations management. During this time she addressed both B2B and B2C communications and has been involved in a few startups, both in online, mobile and offline, both successes and failures. She helps startups to bring innovative products to market by using Lean Startups and Customer Development methodologies.

You won’t miss this meetup. if you’re a startupper interested in the local scene or if you’re willing to meet this great mentors!


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