Cluj City Apps Hackathon

March 14, 2014

March 16, 2014

16:00 To 17:09

Cluj Hub 19 Pitesti street, Cluj-Napoca

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Event Description

Cluj City Apps Hackathon is a joint venture between ClujIT Cluster, Cluj-Napoca City Hall and ClujHUB, having Microsoft as the main sponsor.

The objective is simple: to leverage the open data sets provided by the City Hall platforms and to build an awesome (yes we had to get this word in for clarity’s sake) app that enriches the lives of Cluj-Napoca’s inhabitants, whilst also providing added value to international visitors.

Short pitch: a kicking app that does cool stuff using fresh data – sweet. More that just another app, we want to ensure that you have all the tools and support to create a commercially viable solution in unchartered territory – and we aren’t talking about selling more ads.

What we should all be looking for?

We have put together a diverse and experienced organizing committee, in the belief that the selection process is as impartial and void of presumptions as possible, that will judge each BIG idea and team within the following criteria:

The Team: we will be searching for specific competencies, experience and diversity, not only in the BIG idea, but also in the proposed execution. It has to fulfil the required objective of enriching the lives of Cluj-Napoca’s inhabitants whilst also adding value to those who visit the city.

Quality of the idea: Any and all recipes are only as good as the ingredients you use. We will be identifying creative use, originality and innovation in the BIG ideas submitted. Nowadays, businesses have to be customer centric and your BIG idea is no different. 

Design with the user’s experience in mind and you’ll be fine.
Value & Use of the BIG idea to the city: If you understand the users’ needs and desires, you’ll know that relevance is key and that added value is the solution. Keep your idea simple and focused. Some of the most successful apps were BIG ideas that everyone questioned, “why has no one ever thought about that before?”

Feasibility: Contrary to popular belief, BIG ideas aren’t that difficult to find. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the execution. We’ll be looking for technical, operational and commercially aware teams. You got to be able to deliver. We live in a results orientated world in which intent is not rewarded.

Data Sets: Cluj-Napoca City Hall is releasing data sets and we will be looking at how you will use them to improve the lives of those visiting living and working in the city of Cluj-Napoca.

This is an opportunity for:
Engineering architects
Tech junkies
or just mad individuals who want to change the world.

Total number : 50 participants in approximately 10 teams

More details and registrations here:


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