Business Clinics – Innovation Thinking

March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014

09:30 To 11:30

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Event Description

Did you ever found yourself wishing you’d get better, more out of the box ideas for your business? Most probably, you also feel that living in a world with accelerating product renewal rates and a faster pace of ideation brings along a lot of pressure on the business you run and big expectations from your innovation processes.

Jump out of the innovation pressure cooker and join us for a workshop where we take a simple, logical and systematic approach to innovation starting from the Business Model Canvas and using a few option generating techniques that will not only boost your innovative side but also give you a fresh set of “eyes” on how your business, product or client approach could be (re)designed.

What will you learn

  • What can innovation be in the Business Model Canvas approach
  • How can we generate more business options through innovation
  • Key insights on how to design new mechanics for your business
  • A  visual instrument you can further use in your innovation processes

Business Clinics is a support program for entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and project leaders and initiators created for Impact HUB Bucharest Community & Friends.
In partnership with Business Models Inc CEE a series of 4 such workshops have been developed around business modeling, innovation and planning. The series showcases parts of the instruments and processes used by Business Models Inc in larger training and consultancy processes in  their international network of offices in Bucharest, Amsterdam, UK, Australia, New Zeeland,  US and Greater China.

Starting with the „Business Model Generation” book, a global wave of simplifying the way we design a business conquered the world. Beyond selling 600.000 plus books, our partners at Business Models Inc. developed a support process to guide you through defining and redefining your business at any development stage.

About the hosts

Vlad Craioveanu is co-founder of Impact Hub Bucharest  and  Partner in Business Models Inc CEE. He is a strong believer in the greater good that can be achieved in today’s pragmatic world in a sustainable way. He is currently handling business development and is a sharp partner in designing and facilitating relevant conversations that enable business growth.

Alexandra Pode is a leadership development facilitator,co-founder of Impact Hub Bucharest and Partner in Business Models Inc. With a background in facilitation, leadership development and product development, her passion lies in enabling people to co-create ecosystems that drive results through functionality and a high level of emotional engagement.

Fees & Registration

This event is open to everyone, but we ask that you kindly confirm and pay the fee prior to the event by using the form below.
The general fee is 50 RON. Impact Hub Bucharest members may access this event for free as part of their membership package. Find out here how you can become a member too.



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