Book evening – Conversations about “Not Knowing” with Steven D’Souza

August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014

18:00 To 20:00

Impact Hub Bucharest

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Event Description

“Like Gladwell’’s ‘Tipping Point’ and Taleb’s ‘Black Swan’, ‘Not Knowing’ is one of those books that is timely, engaging and insightful and clearly articulates an important prevailing concept, in this case the need to reframe ‘not knowing’, as something not to be feared and avoided, but as an essential skill and mindset for living in our increasingly complex and uncertain world.”  David Seignior

“Being comfortable with leaning into your own Not Knowing is at the heart of all great leadership work today. The essence of leadership is about sensing, leaning into, and actualizing emerging future possibilities. D’Souza and Renner’s book gives you a highly fascinating account on the frontline of this new leadership work”. – Dr C Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at MIT, author of ‘Theory U’ and Founding Chair of the Presencing Institute

We invite you for a Book Evening with Steven D’Souza, co-author of “Not Knowing – The art of turning Uncertainty into Opportunity”. Steven’s co-author Diana Renner is Romanian and they met at the Harvard Kennedy School in the summer of 2012. In this conversation with Steven you will discover:

  • Why knowledge can be dangerous
  • How to work at the edge between the known and the unknown
  • 4 ways to work more effectively when you just ‘don’t know’ whether in your personal or professional life
  • The experience of how to create a book and how to co-author

About the book

In order to thrive in uncertain times, this fascinating book proposes we head, uncomfortably, towards the unknown, rather than away from it. By developing a unique relationship with Not Knowing we discover a new way of living, working and succeeding in our modern world. This book re-frames the concept of Not Knowing, from being in a fearful place of weakness and ignorance, moving to something we must engage with personally. It introduces us to a new paradigm, where Not Knowing becomes an exciting opportunity, where we are no longer limited by what we already know and our habitual reactions to things that life throws at us, so that deeper knowing can emerge, full of rich possibilities and wisdom. For more information

About the guest

Steven D’Souza – Executive Educator, Coach, Speaker, Author and Consultant

Steven D’Souza is the bestselling author of ‘Made in Britain’, a book about positive role models from diverse cultural communities that was sponsored free for schools in the UK. He has also written ‘Brilliant Networking’, which has been translated into several languages and featured by the Independent in the ‘Success at Work’ series and recommended by the Times and Telegraph. We’ll meet him for a relaxed conversation about his latest book “Not Knowing – The art of turning Uncertainty into Opportunity” about working and living at the edge and relating to the unknown in a positive way.

Steven is a sought-after speaker with many of the leading Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. He went from training to become a priest to working as a Vice President in a global investment bank before he was thirty. He has trained in Gestalt psychotherapy for individuals and groups and Ontological coaching. He is an Associate Professor for IE Business School, Madrid, currently ranked by the FT as the No.1 Business School in Europe. He taught on the launch programme of the International MBA, and orchestrated the Global Executive MBA, and has won an award for his teaching in Executive Education. Steven has spoken at TEDx Bucharest (2011) and lives in London.

For ordering the book in advance, check or download immediately from itunes (iBooks).



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