BE a HERO for your child! Workshop for parents

July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015

18:00 To 20:00

Royal School in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca

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Event Description

We are happy to invite you to a special workshop for parents.
If you consider your child’s education a priority, this event is perfect for you.

Be a HERO for your child! is a two hour workshop where you will receive important ideas and tips for the education of your children and in the same time you will get to know our school better and our different approach to education.

We have invited three well known speakers from Romania, who will talk for the first time about this topic, together: Zoltan Veres, Mihaela Stroe and Lorand Soares Szasz.
Each of them will have a speech of 15 minutes and a Q&A session of 3-5 minutes.

Zoltan Veres will speak about education as a process that helps us build our knowledge and our skills. Our emotional education is built up in the process and it creates our attitude. Our journey begins and unfolds from the moment we are born, our attitude being shaped through the years. What we do with our emotional world will create the world around us, step by step, decision by decision.

Zoltan is a trainer, speaker and coach, specialising in Emotional Intelligence. He has over 1000 hours of training and one-to-one experience in coaching sessions. Zoltan also has a certificate in 6 Seconds Method, which is the largest international organisation based only on Emotional`s Intelligence development.

Mihaela Stroe, will answer to some important questions about education, such as:
– Why is education important?
– Why do I motivate and inspire parents to increase the self-esteem of their children?
– How can I build my children’s confidence?
She will also give us some body-language essentials that we can use in the process of raising our children.
Mihaela has a PhD in sociology, is an expert on nonverbal intelligence, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author.

For more than 12 years she has developed programs and courses about nonverbal intelligence, communication and how to develop your human potential. She is the author of the book “Being in harmony with myself” (In Armonie cu Mine!) and you can read her articles on her personal blog ( and see her videos on YouTube Channel.

She is the founder of Nonverbal Magazine (, an international online publication.

Professor of communication and social sciences at IIC University of Technology in Cambodia, she is involved in different research projects on increasing human brain potential, impression management, detecting deception, social and nonverbal influence.

She is the only profiler in Romania trained in behavioral analysis by Joe Navarro, former FBI agent, professor at the FBI Academy and Harvard Business School and one of the creators of Behavioral Analysis Division inside the FBI.

Lorand Soares Szasz is a member of the School For Europe Foundation and an important promoter of education in Romania. He will speak about the ways you can become a hero parent for your children.
How can you pass on to your children a successful mindset, in order to prepare them for a successful carrier, business, marriage and life.
You will discover the results of extensive research in Child Psychology and how it can change the lives of your children.

The professor behind this research is considered to be one of the USA’s most remarkable child psychiatrists, a long time Harvard professor and the author of more than sixty books on this topic. He says: “The result of this study is not just a theoretical, or a side issue. It is the central issue of our existence, the factor that defines the quality of our lives as human beings.”

Lorand is known as an ambitious young man, who started his career as a gardener in Portugal and in less than 4 years he was working for the world’s leading business coaching company, ActionCOACH.

Even though he didn’t finish high degree studies, he is one of the most active trainers in non-formal education for adults in Romania. He was twice considered, by Business Days, the best speaker in Romania.

Now he is a successful entrepreneur, who leads four companies in different areas and inspires thousands of business owners around the country to bring a positive change in their life.

To complete this panel of great speakers, Mrs. Erika Hristea – one of the Royal School`s Founders – and Mr. Julian Hingley – the Educational Director of Royal School, will also have a substantial speech. They will talk to you for 5 minutes and they will receive and answer to your questions for another 5 minutes.

Mrs. Erika Hristea will present the difference that Royal School brings to Romanian education, from a hardware (school building, furniture etc) point of view.

Mr. Julian Hingley will present us five important differences between a Royal School education and the existing education.

After the presentations, you will have the opportunity to ask the Founders and teachers questions about Royal School and take a tour of the sites.

If you want to bring your child, don`t worry because we will have some special activities for them during the workshop.

Event details:

Date: 22nd of July
Program: 18:00 – 20:00
Location: CBC – Cluj Business Center, No. 42-44, Henri Barbousse Street

Due to the location, we have limited places in the room (200), so please hurry and sign-up for this special event.

Sign-up here: !

Thank you, and we are waiting for you to learn together how to give a better education to our children.

About Royal School:
Royal School will open its doors starting on September 1st 2015, in Cluj-Napoca. Approximately 160 children between 4-18 are welcome to study in our school, in the first years. Originally founded by School For Europe Foundation, today the Royal School strives to develop the individual talents of every girl and boy.

The Royal School is located one mile from the centre of Cluj-Napoca, in a fine new building.

More details at:


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